It was blank, a completely empty canvas. A few creases here and there from all the past frowning and smiling. It was stoic yet spoke a thousand words. The creases on your forehead were more prominent now, unfortunate. Your smile lines were almost like a ghost of the past. It hadn’t been making many appearances lately. Unfortunate. Heartbreaking. Devastating. Your eyes were blank. Like a dead man. The pupils were more dilated now, not as lively as I last saw it. The almond brown was more of a cold coffee brown. What had happened. Tragic. And that smile? It had disappeared. Your smile was beautiful, like heaven’s very own gift to me. Your eyes would grow a little brighter, your cheekbones become a little sharper as your lips curved up. Your laugh lines would appear as you would try to look away for a while. It had become a muse for me, almost like it kick started my day. It did start my day actually, I just didn’t want to admit lest I never get to see that smile again.


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