Review of “With Malice” by Eileen Cook


6/10 x


Can you imagine being in an accident in another country and waking up with no memory whatsoever of what happened? Best friend died in a car crash, being accused of her murder, being called a slut online and being pestered by press, media and interviewers?

The blurb really hooked me in which is why I picked it up,

I was confused, annoyed, frustrated but intrigued at the same time. I finished this book in one sitting but mostly because I DETEST not knowing the ending to a book this intriguing.

This most definitely gave me the “Gone Girl” vibe but the ending made me so freaking pissed that I had to wait 12 hours before actually writing a review, afraid that it would be impartial.

Jill wakes up in the hospital bed not knowing what happened in the past 6 weeks where she went to Italy and got into a car accident that killed her best friend, Simone.

This book made me HATE Simone. I guess its a good thing that Simone’s character was so well-written that it made me hate her, mostly because of her materialistic and fake personality. She was a complete bitch guys. I hate the friendship as she was basically a bitch to Jill, stealing her boyfriend, talking behind her back and being a jealous hoe even though they were like friends forever?? Their friendship irked me so so much.


Jill was true to her name (no offence to any Jills out there) she was plain and boring. There really was no personality to her. Boring school girl, best friend(Simone) overshadows her in popularity even though she is much richer than Simone.

I was honestly so confused with the ending, yes it was written really well, but it went so fast, considering the first half of the book went in tortoise speed.

It doesn’t matter what’s true- what matters is what people believe.

I gave it 6 stars though because of the friendship between Simone and Jill which I found to be very interesting. Yes, they were best friends since 4th grade, yet they practically hated each other (it’s so obvious) but they were only best friends(or as it seemed to me) for the sake of keeping that title. Simone was a total bitch to Jill and I can’t express how much it pissed me off throughout this whole book. As sadistic as it might sound, I was really happy she died.

giphy (1).gif

I would have hoped for a more developed friendship between Anna (Jill’s roommate) and Jill as I felt that to be a real genuine friendship in contrast to Simone and Jill’s.
The fact that half the book was in transcripts and interviews etc was actually pretty interesting for me though many did not seem to like it.

Also, I loved Evan (Jill’s lawyer) I thought he was hilarious ( I kid you not this is just me- no one else thinks so HAHA)

Overall, if you want to read a thriller YA, I suggest Dangerous Girls or We Were Liars over this.


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