Review Of Second Chance Summer By Morgan Matson

In my blogs, I review book with spoilers so read at your own risk though I will notify you before I write a spoiler 🙂

Ratings: 10/10

Firstly how freaking cute is the book cover!!!!!

This book had me bawling my eyes out. I reckon this book had more tear marks on its pages than words and that says a lot. I felt like I had grown as a person after reading this book- and that is something I REALLY adore in books. The humour, the romance and the tear factor, especially, was written beautifully. I loved every aspect of this book, every scene, every character and every way of portraying a very significant message. Which is why I give is 10 stars, there wasn’t a single thing I hated and I can see myself re-reading this book a thousand more times. Here are a few major things that caught my eyes/I loved.

1. The characters
I felt as though the characters were portrayed very beautifully, and they were very genuine. No one was over-exaggerated, everyone’s character was in some way, grounded. It gave the book a very real feel that I loved and I am sure, many will be able to connect with. I especially connected to the main character even though I was do not share experiences with her and that just shows how beautifully her character was written as even someone very different from her could relate to her. I loved Henry as a character so so so much I kid you not, he is the sweetest literally xD.

2. Taylor Edwards
Taylor is the main character in this book, she seems to run away from any possible situation that gets to difficult to handle, causing her to drift from her former best friend (Lucy) and lover (Henry). What I loved about her character was that it was very genuine. Towards the end of the book, she changes and it does not happen as an overnight change. The changes happen through each event that happens in her life that causes her to realise her faults and I truly adored the courage of this character to be able to produce these changes for the better. I don’t know if any of you can understand but you know Rachel from Friends? Her change from this bratty spoilt kid to a mature adult was truly wonderful to see and that’s what it kind of felt like to me :’).

giphy (12).gif

3. The Father-Daughter relationship
Again, like I said, this book was very genuine and it brought up the issue of the limited amount of contact parents have with their kids nowadays. (Probably because this book is a contemporary so we are supposed it relate to it more but it was just perfect.) This was something Taylor realised too and she made an effort to spend more time with her dad, getting to know him and helping to fulfil some of his last dying wishes which I found was really sweet and super heartwarming like omg guys I was on the verge of tears towards the last few pages it was so sweet yet so devastating.

giphy (13).gif

4. Henry and Taylor
Basically they dated when they were 12


She left him without any notice at all and dated him when her best friend actually liked him (though she didn’t know about it until after she started dating him).

5 years later they meet again. I love how there’s still this burning passion of incomplete love and it made their r/s so much more intense. And I loved every single build up to their relationship, everything was just honestly perfectly timed because throughout the front portion of the book there was all these memories brought up from when they were 12 and it was just so freaking adorable. I loved Henry as a character, he was really sweet, sensible but vulnerable that, again, made his character very real. He was honestly the smoothest and sweetest kid out there xD

“I thought you’d never speak to me again”.
“I tried,” he reminded me, and I smiled at that, “But seriously you’re a hard habit to break”


giphy (14).gif

(This part will include spoilers so, do not read on if you do not intend to know spoilers)

5.The style of writing.

Throughout the book, the chapters constantly juggled between the past and 5 summers ago when Taylor and Henry had dated and Taylor and Lucy used to be friends. The first half of the book Taylor and Lucy, in the present, were not talking to each other while in the flashbacks-it showed their friendship. In the second half of the book when they eventually reconciled as friends, it flashbacked to how their friendship broke 5 summers ago. This was also the case for Henry and Taylor’s relationship where their first meeting 5 summers ago and first meeting in the present were parallel to each other. The writer used a lot of comparison, a lot of juxtaposition and contrast to get her point across very effectively.

Some people were absolutely against the fact that Taylor broke up with Henry towards the end and said that it was unnecessary. However, I thought it made the book more genuine? Taylor thought that it was only sensible to break up with Henry so as to avoid a situation where she’ll have to break up with him due to the grief she felt, or her inability to handle pressurising situations. When Taylor’s father left her a letter asking her to not deprive herself of love, and to stop running away from difficult situations, that’s when she realised that she loved Henry. To me, it showed that she was capable of once again running back to a situation she ran away from and that her dad taught her and gave her a ton of courage.

I would recommend this book to anyone, and the writer is an absolute genius, I look forward to reading her other very famous works. Also thank you to my friend who forced this book upon me without giving up, despite the fact that I almost did because I thought it seemed “cliche and cheesy”. I am glad I didn’t look back.


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